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Learn a little more about who we are and what we do. Familiarize yourself with some of our processes

and capabilities and get answers to your most frequently asked questions.





At Hankscraft AJS we are always looking for new ways to increase our efficiencies to provide our customers with a higher quality tap handle at a faster rate and lower cost. With that goal in mind, we have added a large-format UV Printer to our arsenal! Not only does this allow us to cut down on our lead times on tap handles, but also allows us to print and fully produce all sorts of exciting point-of-purchase products in-house: from LED-lit Signs to Corrugate Displays, Beer Racks, Case Stackers and more, we are a one-stop shop for all of your beer and beverage marketing needs. See a sampling of our POP display products here.




Let our Design Department craft

a product that stands out in the market, fits your brand, and speaks to your customer.



Our experienced Prototype Engineers find the best and most cost-effective way to produce your design.



Once all aspects of your product are proofed and signed off by you, our facility will get to work fulfilling your order.


What are your minimum order quantities?

Our MOQ for custom tap handles is 100 pieces. Any order quantities below 100 pieces must be purchased through or Webstore.

What is the average cost of a tap handle?

The per piece cost of a tap handle can greatly vary depending on the quantity and design. While we generally don't see handles outside of the $15-$40 dollar range, there are no accurate ballpark costs. We suggest you contact us to receive a formal quote on your project.

What is the average height/weight of a tap handle? Are there any standards or restrictions?

While height and weight of a tap handle can also vary based on design, it is recommended that tap handles are no wider than 3 inches so as not to interfere with other tap handles on the line (standard tap lines are about 3 inches apart on center). Height can vary from 4 inches all the way up to 15 inches, but height is mostly customer preference. We do also recommend keeping handles under 1 pound so they do not self-tap (pull open a tap on their own from being top-heavy).

How do I start the process? What are the first steps?

Whether you have your own idea for your product design or you'd like our experienced Design Department to come up with some unique designs for you, the best way to get started is to contact us at 920.994.4300 and speak with one of our Sales Representatives.

If you're looking for us to design your product it is good to have some files ready to provide us of your logos or any pertinent branding graphics you'd like included in the design. We accept files in AI, EPS, PDF or PSD format. Please no low-res JPGs or PNGs.

Do you charge for designing my product?

We do not charge breweries and brewpubs for design work, we will provide up to 3 designs and 3 rounds of revisions at no charge to the customer. However if you are a Design Agency or represent a middle-man between Hankscraft/AJS and the end customer, then we will charge an hourly fee for our design services. Contact us for rates and further info.

What materials do you use?

Our most-used material for tap handle production is wood. In addition to wood we also manufacture tap handles and products from urethane, acrylic and metal. We will utilize the best materials to make sure your design is brought to life accurately and in a cost-effective manner.

What are your lead times?

Once your tap handle is finished being designed and the prototype is approved, the lead time from our domestic facility is 4-6 weeks for production of the full order. Lead time from our international facility is 8 weeks. Please note that the design phase can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the design and how many revisions need to be made. It also takes around 3-4 weeks to produce a prototype of your product for final proofing before we move on to production. Please account for these time-frames when planning for your tap handle order.

Do you offer an inventory program for large quantity orders?

Yes we do! Please contact us at 920.994.4300 to learn more about our Draft Demand Program

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept company checks and wire transfers as well as Visa, Mastercard and Discover. 

Contact your Customer Project Manager for a Credit Application. 


Full Service Wood Shop

Our full-service domestic wood shop

can create unique shapes with a

fast turn-around.


CNC Routing

From Wood to Acrylic to Komatex,

We can cut any shape you need from

any material quickly and cheaply.


Laser Engraving 

Achieve a rustic and dimensional look

by engraving detailed designs to any



Pad Printing 

Our direct-to-handle printing process

allows for seamless, highly durable

graphic application.


Urethane Molding

With the ability to create any complex

model through our urethane molding

process, the only limit is your imagination.



Using high quality automotive-grade

paints, your product will be color-matched and finished for years of durable use. 


Decal Printing/Application

Our in-house decal printing allows

us to proof and quality control your

brand artwork every step of the way, from printing to application.



Your product will be carefully packaged

and shipped to your location, or drop-shipped to any number of locations

of your choosing.


We also make POP Display Components!

For custom LED lighting solutions, LCD Displays, Motors, Audio, and other display components, check out our POP component division over at Hankscraft POP

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