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Find out all about what's going on with us here at Hankscraft AJS. Read up on what's happening with us in the news as well as all of the new and exciting tap handle and related products we're producing for our partners

and clients. Check back often for new updates!

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As breweries, restaurants, and many other consumer-facing establishments take their first cautious steps toward reopening for service, here at Hankscraft AJS we have developed a new suite of products to help you do just that. From branded sanitizer stations to floor decals, protect your staff and customers with the new items from our Reopening Series!

Visit our main Product Page for more information:

Click below to download our full Reopening Series Sell Sheet PDF:

Download • 7.57MB

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We can print on about any flat surface! Wood, cardboard, acrylic, decals... the sky's the limit! Contact us today for your next project!

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Looking for an attractive and sturdy station for your hand sanitizer dispensing unit or bottle? We have just the thing! With customizable printing and a non-porous, wipeable Komatex construction, our new Sanitizer Stations are the perfect solution to allow your customers and employees to easily sanitize their hands and keep hygiene at the top of mind.

Click here to download our PDF Sell Sheet


Small Hand Sanitizer Station with shelf for bottles! Sell Sheet and pricing coming 6/8/2020.

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