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Black is Beautiful

In this Audio Only Podcast we sit down with Josh and Nick, two of our sales representatives. They told us about their trip to The National Black Brewers Association, more information about Black is Beautiful, and what it takes to be successful in the beer industry.

Handle Business

"For Nick & I, to be part of the NB2A was a no-brainer, it is about inclusion and true partnership to move not only the Black brewing community forward, and the entire industry as a whole along with it.  Being part of a group that provides a network of resources to Black brewers to ensure they are given the opportunity to thrive from the jump.  The sharing of resources, the mentoring, the training, and all of the other countless benefits of working as a cohesive group is what makes any organization great and the NB2A is exactly that.  To ensure Nick & are moving the needle forward and providing a benefit and helpful resource to further empower the NB2A and its members, we made the decision to donate the tap handle for the Black is Beautiful Vol. 2 beer and movement.  The beer is the vessel for the movement, and to be part of it is humbling.  We wanted to ensure that every dollar that could go towards benefiting NB2A and its members, does.  Knowing that we are helping support countless breweries and breweries in planning simple is a great feeling." - Josh Ursprung 

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