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Meeting Munich's Oktoberfest

Many beer lovers know of the iconic Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and dream about experiencing this global symbol of Bavarian tradition. This year, I had the pleasure to head to Europe to experience this event and cross it off my bucket list.

The festival is deeply ingrained in Munich's cultural heritage and has become a global symbol of Bavarian tradition and celebration. Dating back to 1810, when it originated as a royal wedding celebration, Oktoberfest has grown into the world's largest Volksfest, attracting millions of visitors from around the globe.

At its core, Oktoberfest is a jubilant event dedicated to showcasing Bavarian culture, including its rich traditions, authentic cuisine, lively music, and, of course, an impressive array of local beers. Visitors dress in traditional Bavarian attire, adding to the festive atmosphere and cultural immersion. The festival grounds feature numerous beer tents, each offering a distinct experience, and amusement rides for a fun-filled time.

Continue reading to see how I spent my time in Munich and two days at Oktoberfest, including Opening Day!

Arriving in Munich

We spent our first day in Munich, the day before Opening Day for Oktoberfest, exploring Marienplatz and the surrounding areas of the city center. Marienplatz is a central square in the city center of Munich, Germany. It has been the city's main square since 1158.

After we headed to the Hofbräuhaus Brewery near the main city center. It is the city's most famous beer hall. This is where we got to sit down and enjoy some great German beer!

Afterwards we explored some of the many churches in the city and various shops. Of course, we stopped by a few stores to purchase my dirndl and my fiancé's lederhosen. With that, we were ready to experience the official Oktoberfest!

Opening Day

We arrived to the grounds after the kegging of the beer and started are Oktoberfest experience exploring the grounds and hopping on a few rides. This is a great idea to do BEFORE you start drinking.

The grounds were a lot like State Fair in Wisconsin - lots of food, games, rides, etc. Minus the giant beer tents.

We ended up spending the rest of the day at the Hofbräuhaus tent (the same brewery we went to in Munich) and drank with some friends from Spain we met the day before. Of course, the tent was packed and we were unable to snag a table inside. After heading back outside, we were lucky enough to be able to grab a table on the patio and still enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Oktoberfest.

Our Second Day

The second and last day at Oktoberfest, we spent recovering from the night before and enjoyed much more that the festival had to offer. We explored the different food stands and went on some more rides. Watching the Toboggan and Feldl's Teufelsrad are a must see! I didn't get any pictures of the Feldl's Teufelsrad but, have attached one below. We spent more than an hour just standing and watching everyone get on and enjoy this amusement ride.

The toboggan ride is great to watch towards the end of the night. That's when most of the people who have been drinking all day get a little too ambitious and try to test their balance on this ride.

Also check out this awesome shot I took on top of the Ferris Wheel. Okay not the best quality picture, but you get the point. You can see just how many people are outside all of the beer tents. (Imagine how many are IN the beer tents...)

Overall, Oktoberfest was definitely a 12/10 and highly recommend that everyone go and experience this festival sometime in there life.

Because come on, who wouldn't want to drink beer all day!

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