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Raise a Glass to Spring: Wisconsin's Maibock Beer and Festivals

May in Wisconsin can mean a few things to different groups of people. To some it’s just one month closer to summer, to others it means the fishing opener is right around the corner, but to the beer lovers it means it’s Maibock season.

The maibock is a wonderful malty lager that is light golden to amber in color with a robust alcohol content. This lager is clean and refreshing for those warmer spring days but still can warm you up when it decides to snow again, which is exactly what this beer was made for.

Originating in the Bavarian Alps, this beer was the bridge between winter beers like other bocks and summer beers like the pilsner and helles. To this day, many of Wisconsin’s craft breweries draw from hundreds of years of brewing tradition which is why it isn’t much of a surprise that there are plenty of festivals to celebrate spring and this beer throughout the state.

So, the next time the weather is nice and you are looking for something to do, find a local brewery and enjoy a pint of maibock in the beer garden and toast to spring time.

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Wisconsin Maibock Festivals

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